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Blue Logistics can handle all of your pick and pack needs without skipping a beat. If you need help managing your inventory and getting it fulfilled to your customers from multiple distribution chains, Blue Logistics can do it for you.

We offer same-day product delivery for orders received within 24 hours. You know how crucial it is to get your orders to your customers on time and we share that same concern. Our team takes every effort to make sure the correct items are picked and packaged together and then shipped to your customers on time.

Blue Logistics has partnerships with the following carriers:

Mail Innovations


Packaging Solutions

We offer many different options for packaging your products. How your customer receives their product is a very important part of marketing your products. We make sure that this expectation is met or exceeded with our innovative solutions to packaging.


Order Processing

When it comes to order processing, we offer many different solutions. We offer integration with most shopping carts including Shopify, Big Commerce, and many others. Whether you use API web call or EDI, our software integrates with both solutions.

We offer complete transparency of your products at Blue Logistics. You can log into our software at any time to view your inventory levels and see real time shipping. We offer state of the art warehouse space in our clean facility located in centrally located Orlando, FL

We understand how hard it is to scale small and medium sized businesses. We can help you scale your business with us and help manage that growth so you can stay focused on other priorities.

Call us today or fill out our online quote to get more information on how Blue Logistics can help you with all of your pick and pack fulfillment needs!

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We are LEED Accredited Building- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Upholding the highest standards in both performance of our warehouse staff, the security and safety of your products, and Green Sustainable Efforts.



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